Saturday, 10 December 2016

What A Bear Really Does In The Woods.

                          Tense stuff. This is the closest Dr Seuss came to Jason Bourne adventures.

BJ And The Bear.

Milo learns of a time when the idea of a trucker monkey was not some remote daydream but a career option. I think there were a couple of seasons of BJ And The Bear way back in the day. I do not have any of the episodes on video tape or on DVD so whatever Milo is going to learn about the show is going to have to come from this old Christmas annual. I always think of those books as Christmas annuals by World Distributors or Grand Dreams. Used to love seeing the shelves in Harry Halls Bookshop fill up with them.
             Now that really was a season to be jolly.

Tony Captain.

Anthony Captain and the Genesis album Wind And Wuthering are inseprable in my mind and somehow they became conjoined when I attempted to sketch him. I Miss Anthony a lot. His sense of humour and appreciation for the absurd and fey nature of life with its many random cruelties and great joys. Music was a huge part of his coping process and he shared so much of it with me.
               For instance Paralysed by The Lone Stardust Cowboy..
               It almost finished us both off. Listen to it sometime. But be careful.
               Its a killing tune.

Coming At Ya Like A Timelord.

Was really touched emotionally by this 3RD Doctor third issue cover. A lovely photo cover of the lovely Jon Pertwee. Oh I so wanted to travel with this incarnation of The Doctor.With his old school charm and dashing ways and that protective billowing red cape, he would never let you down but he would always expect you to be at your best and pull your weight. His cape billowed, his shirts billowed and even his hair billowed.
             What A Doctor!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

When Milo Met Michael Myers.

Milo travelled back in time to rescue young Michael Myers from his fate as a terrible Samhain possessed baby sitter killer. He is going to show the fledgling nightmare figure it is possible to be a good guy by living a good life. Not that Milo has a lot of empathy for mankind. He believes we are all a bit mad.That the fact we are self aware in a universe that has no need for such a state of being has driven us as a race collectively insane.
             Think he needs to chill a bit.

You Will Obey Me.

                                                                  (From my sketchbook.)

The Doll Named Silvio.

Discovered this darkly glittering wee gem of a ghost story in a battered copy of The Times Anthology Of Ghost Stories.A book first put together in 1975 and which was the result of a competition put together by the newspaper to collect thirteen stories for under this very banner. A competition which had as its judges Kingsley Amis, Patricia Highsmith and Christopher Lee.(Oh well, no pressure there, then.)The first prize of this competition went to Michael kernan and it merits such a distinction. I do not really like the idea of these types of competitions as the art form is so subjective. I have also discovered the results generally do not age well but in this instance the competition appears to have produced a very respectable crop.
             The Doll Named Silvio would have stood out even if I had not known the results of the competition before starting reading it.Sure, it is the stuff of Henry James and even MR James;a governess
This is Fad gadget.Back in the day He performed a song called Saturday Night Special which I really liked."Every man should have the right to own a gun, Every man Should have the right to shoot someone." Very haunting song.